In 2022, two Navy Veterans from Rockingham, VA came together with one vision: Build a pickleball community by solving common issues for all levels of players by providing quality pickleball gear. 

We were out for a bike ride talking about pickleball and shared our mutual interest in designing a brand of pickleball specific gear and supplements.

When trying to pick our first product, we knew, we had to create a product that either solved an issue plaguing other pickleball players or was missing from the market.  We both agreed there wasn't a pickleball specific hat on the market, and the caps people did wear to the courts typically had sweaty salt stains. 

sweat stains on hat

My Dinking Cap came to life.  It had to be constructed with durable materials with the following base requirements: water repellant, antimicrobial, and breathable.  We also wanted the cap to take you from the court to a night on the town in style.